Overheard at the mall: “She’s just gonna do it again! It always happens, so why should I go?” And, the reply: “Because you just have to!” (A conversation between two 30-something women that seemed to be about attending a family event.) Well…… adults rarely “just have to!” More often, the storyContinue Reading

Your family might not be so perfect — but changing your story can help you feel better.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on family connections – mine and others.
Some families really seem to get along well, have a collective sense of humor and mutual understanding, resolve differences eventually, and stay connected across miles and generations. Those are the fortunate folks that others tend to envy.Continue Reading

It was supposed to be just an ordinary conversation. All you really wanted was to get your point across – quietly and without conflict. But, suddenly, there you are again – in the middle of an argument you’d planned to avoid. And, once again, someone is angry at you –Continue Reading