“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
– Maria Robinson, author

Change can be overwhelming – and so very challenging……….

One of my pet peeves is that so many of the small things in life just keep changing – in spite of my efforts to keep them just the same! The pen I used for years? They no longer make it! The shoes I loved and wore forever? There’s now a new and improved version – and those shoes don’t fit the way the old ones did! Coffee shop with the personalized service? Now a “modernized” upscaled version – and just not what I need. And so the changes just keep on happening……..

Changes happen to all of us, and sometimes it’s the small ones that add up until you reach the “just one more” that is the final straw. Changes continue to happen and we generally find ways to cope – until we just can’t stand to face one more challenge, one more need to alter how we live our lives.

Add onto these small changes, the larger life transitions that just naturally occur as we move from adolescence and on through the years. Transitions keep happening throughout our lives – no matter how much we try to stop them! After a while, you might start wondering, “how can I possibly keep changing myself to keep up with all that’s happening around me and to me?”

It’s so easy – and normal – to feel overwhelmed by the challenges all these changes present. It’s also a normal reaction to wish things could be easier and that the losses all these changes represent would just stop now!

If you are reading this far into my website, you are probably looking for some help in coping with all the changes that are happening to you. You may also be feeling a little lonely, especially if some of those changes involve people who are no longer in your life (or at least not there in the same way) – no longer available for you to share your feelings about these experiences, losses, changes.

However, I believe that with every change can come a new, as yet unexplored, positive outcome. It may take some time to locate those positives, but they are just sitting there waiting for us to find them – if we are willing to look hard enough!

If you’d like some help in your search for another path, please contact me to set up an appointment, arrange a free phone consultation or just to get a little more information.


“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”
– Karen Kaiser Clark