Talking to the Teacher:
Parent tools for more effective communication
with your child’s school……..


You’ve just gotten a message from the teacher:

Are you dreading the conversation you know you need to have?

Do you know how to get the most out of a parent/teacher conference?

Do you know how to respond to a teacher complaint about your child?

Do you get angry, unable to problem-solve, when discussing your child?

Does your child get angry or embarrassed when you visit the school?

School connections don’t have to be this difficult! I would like to help you:

Figure out how things go so wrong.

Develop strategies for a better relationship with your child’s school.

Identify solutions to school challenges.

Feel more confident starting school conversations.


Tips for a more successful conference with your child’s teacher:

  • Ask questions, get information – before making your comments.
  • Try to identify areas of agreement – and mention them.
  • Calmly restate the concerns and ask if you’ve got it right.
  • Let the teacher know you understand the concerns – even if you disagree.
  • Tell the teacher you’d like to work together as a team for your child.
  • Explain calmly any disagreements with what you’ve heard.
  • Work out a plan for problem-solving and your follow-up.
  • And – take a look at this article for more information.

Telephone or in-person consultation is also available to help school personnel or family members develop strategies that can enhance the effectiveness of home-school communication. If you’d like more information about my services, please give me a call at 310 475-1759 or email me at [email protected].