Young adults’ next task:
preparing for life after high school….

You’re all grown up now – but change can be tough!
And all you and your family might need
is a little help figuring out some new ways of being together…..

The main job of the adolescent/young adult:
to figure out a unique identity – to find answers to important questions, such as, “Who am I?” and “Where am I going?”

And – for the older and about-to-transition adolescent:  “I really want to be on my own, but how will I survive that move?”

The main responsibility of the family: to support that almost-adult in the transition from dependence to independence – a gradual process that often comes with lots of stress and uncertainty for all involved in the process!

I help older teens and their families who are coping with transition stress.
This is an important, but difficult, time in a family’s life, when the child is becoming an adult – and not everyone’s ready for that!


…..You are concerned about how to guide your older teenager

….. You struggle for independence, but your family isn’t getting it

….. You and your family are fighting more and talking less

….. The school is reporting problems, just as independence nears

…..The old rules don’t work anymore – for anyone

….. The changes in your life seem unmanageable….

                      ………this might be a good time to get some help.

If you are a young adult struggling with the challenges of independence or if you are a parent having difficulty with the prospect of your child leaving, I’d like to help. Please contact me to schedule an appointment or for a free telephone consultation.