“Don’t let yourself forget what it’s like to be sixteen.”
– Anonymous

Teens in High School:
Strategies for parents – avoiding the chaos!


Challenges of teens in school.
What’s behind that smile? Need some help navigating your teen’s school, friend or family communication challenges? Counseling can help.

Are you the parent of a high schooler?  Being a teenager can be so challenging!
Sometimes you feel like a     little kid (and act like it!). Other times, you can feel and act so mature   and responsible. The problem is – teens can bounce from kid to adult   and back to kid again without posting any warnings. And that bounce often surprised both the teen and the parents!

When that bounce happens, everyone can feel confused – teachers, parents, and, of course, the person doing all that bouncing! And maybe you (parent or teen) might not feel comfortable talking to your friends, teachers or family about how you are feeling. Yet talking, reaching out to someone safe, can help.

Those adolescent years can be tough. This is a time when kids are discovering a whole new self. They just aren’t like they used to be. Suddenly, people expect so much of them – and teens expect a lot of themselves. But, for some kids, it’s a little more difficult than for others to get to know that new person they have become.

If you’re the parent of a teen, I can help you cope with all the changes and change the conversation: with your teen and with the school.

Teens have lots to worry about…….

……. Family problems that seem to worsen as you get older;

……. Parents who don’t seem to “get it” – even if they tell you they do!

……. Making new friends – or having problems with the ones you have;

……. School challenges and pressures;

……. Lots of new fears and anxieties – because you’re older now;

……. College and/or career concerns;

……. Questions about what else happens after graduation

……. Concerns about trust – who can I talk to about my worries?

……. And – probably lots of other issues that I missed (let me know).

As adolescents reach for independence, parents may find it more difficult to have the conversations they used to have when their children were younger. I have many years of experience helping teens communicate more effectively with their families and their teachers. In addition, I’m familiar with many of the learning and behavioral challenges kids face in their classes and on the school grounds.

If any of this sounds familiar and you’d like some help, please email or call me at 310 475-1759, to arrange a free phone consultation, give me feedback on anything I’ve written, ask a few questions or to schedule a session.

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