WHICH PATH WILL YOU TAKE? You can avoid falling into the same old habits – with some motivation and practice.

Change is supposed to happen quickly, right? Especially if we really, really want that change to happen!

Well – maybe “quickly” does get us to those new habits – sometimes.
However, more often, no matter how much we plan, think, promise – change takes a little more time than we might like.
Habits are hard to break. When certain behaviors, thoughts, reactions have been around for a long time, they sort of get “hard-wired” into us. We instinctively do what we’re used to doing – until we hard-wire that new behavior.

In my experience, most behavioral changes need these essential ingredients, if they are to become new habits that stick around:
  • Recognition that the old habits that aren’t working for you
  • Strong motivation to change
  • Personal responsibility (not placing blame on someone else)
  • Repetition of the new behavior (practice)
  • Perseverance (you don’t give up, even if you miss sometimes)
  • Reward (new habits bring positive results that you can see)

If you haven’t seen this poem before (and even if you have!), I think it’s worth a look: “There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk.”

What are the holes in your sidewalk? What’s keeping you on that same path, when you might feel so much better going a different way?