NEED SOME HELP? Sometimes that conversation seems tougher than it needs to be!

All I want is just the right amount of help!Over the years, I’ve had many clients who have difficulty asking for what they need. And our work around that involves more than just finding an understanding of why that happens.

Insight is nice – but tends not to quite be enough. So the other half of our challenge is to create a sort of toolbox of strategies that make it easier to get needed support.

We fill that box with easy-to-use statements, sensory awareness techniques (how to recognize what your body tells you), and a variety of things to use when you don’t know what else to do. And that collection of “stuff” can be quite useful. And most of the time, people will be able to “read” you better, as you learn how to more effectively tell them what you need.

Except,  of course, for those few who just don’t seem to get it! And lately, I’ve had a number of clients tell me that no matter what they do, how they say it, what words they use…. there are some people who seem not to understand – ever!

And I used to think that they must just not be saying it right. Until I had some personal experiences that yielded similar results for me.

Since I like to write – and since writing helps me think things through, I’ve written this little piece to describe what I hear and what I’ve experienced: Help me! Or not?

 And if you could use a little help in figuring out how to get the support you need, give me a call now to arrange a free phone consultation or to make that first appointment: 310 475-1759.