LOOKING FOR A THERAPIST IN THE BIG CITY? Challenges of searching for help in Los Angeles (or any urban area).

Deli menus can be so overwhelming!
Especially when you’re hungry, in a  hurry or just want to find something simple to order. Several pages of choices, all of which sound wonderful to you – how ever can you figure out which is going to satisfy your immediate need for something that tastes good, is good for you, and also keeps you satisfied for a reasonable amount of time?

Have you ever been lost in that  “deli menu” therapist search?  Just Google “counseling in Los Angeles,” and stare for a bit at the long list of options you now have. Many of which point you to directories with even more listings! And what about all those adjacent cities? Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Culver City, and so on…….. The larger the city, the more options you are likely to find. Unless you have some inside info, just narrowing down the search to a few possible contacts might be more than you can cope with – especially when you need that help right now.

So – how can you narrow down that search? Consider taking these steps:

  • Get some recommendations from friends or your doctor (if you’re comfortable doing that).
  • Google therapists in the area you need and with your specialty preference.
  • Step back and take a few deep breaths – you will find a therapist!
  • Start anywhere – with the recommendations or on the search results.
  • Trust your instinct: Identify the first five therapists who seem “right” to you.
  • Use your phone – not email – to connect with each therapist.
  • And then – trust your instincts! Make an appointment with the first therapist with whom you feel a bond.

And – before you start calling, take a look at the post just before this one. Especially pay attention to the link in the last paragraph. Then pick up the phone and make that first call! You might get me directly, but if not, please leave a message at any time and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible: 310-475-1759.