“Argument is the worst sort of conversation.”
– Jonathan Swift

Effective communication can make all the difference!

Have you been trying to figure out why your ordinary personal and business communications go so wrong?

Do you often end up angry and in unintended arguments, when all you really wanted was to have a quiet conversation?

Are your stress and anger getting in the way of your relationships – at work or at home?

Do you sometimes wish you could just erase those words and start again?

If this is happening to you, you may be feeling unheard and possibly unappreciated! Sometimes, all you might need is some help finding out why your communication gets lost – and how to get back on track.

Some people who call me for help say that they’ve tried really hard – and for such a long time – to cope on their own. When that works, it can feel so good! But, when “on your own” doesn’t work, your relationships (business or personal) can suffer. Sometimes a little help can go a long way………

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Below are only some of the communication challenges you might be facing:

…….Workplace conflicts

…….Relationship challenges

…….Keeping friends close and without conflict

…….Desire to reconnect with adult family members

…….Teenagers or young adults in the family

…….Parents’ communication with others about their children

…….Fear of intimate or routine social and work interaction

And…. If you think I missed a problem, let me know!

When your style of communication isn’t working, you definitely know it! Routine daily contacts that sometimes turn into conflict can just throw your whole day! If you can’t get your point across or if you get angry or upset before the issues can be addressed, you may end up with lots of communication and little progress in getting what you want.

How you interact with the people in your life may be a combination of what you learned as a child and the challenges you are facing now. Effective communication can help you get your needs met and help you feel better about your interactions with others.

I’m sure you don’t really want to end up in arguments and hostility. I’m also certain that you would prefer that you could find a way to avoid the anger and frustration that comes when you just don’t know the words to say to get what you need.

Maybe you just haven’t learned some good communication strategies. Or perhaps you carry with you some coping skills and reactions you learned as a child that you just don’t yet know how to change. Whatever the reason, if you end up in angry debates, anxious, and feeling stressed – or if you simply withdraw in frustration – now might be the time for you to get some help.

If you would like some help figuring it all out, please contact me for an appointment or to schedule a free telephone consultation. Together, we can identify the reasons for your struggle so that you can have a more productive and happier life.

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