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Feeling a bit alone, overwhelmed, more and more stressed and angry? Too much conflict in your life lately? Maybe you’ve been trying hard to cope on your own….

Sometimes life takes an unwanted detour – in spite of your best efforts……

Loss happens to everyone.... 150x150 Get help with.....

Maybe I really should get some help – now!

People you respect and care about are urging you to get some
help with your anger…..

Your family or work relationships are suffering  and you don’t know what to do or say to make things better…..

And…. you’ve been thinking about seeing a counselor, but keep putting it off…..

For 25+ years, I’ve been helping professionals, individuals, and families communicate effectively, to reduce the anger, stress, and conflict life sometimes hands us

……If even one of the above concerns speaks to you - this might be a good time to reach out for some help. Change is possible – even if you can’t see that right now! I invite you to give me a call, and let’s chat to see how I can help:  310 475-1759.


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Someone needs a break!

Emotional well-being is determined not so much by what
happens to you, but by how you respond to what happens! The ability to communicate effectively can positively impact most areas of your day-to-day life.

With individual and/or family therapy, I can help you improve your professional and personal interactions, cope with anger and stress, and figure out why some parts of your life just don’t seem to work right.


Be sure to visit my blog, on this site, if you’d like to know more about my thoughts on communication, conflict, stress, and anger management.

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A way out is just ahead!

If your life is changing too quickly, if you don’t know how to communicate about those changes, if it seems like you’ll feel this way forever, I can help. Together, we can find that light at the end of the tunnel……

To schedule an appointment, arrange for a free phone consultation or if you have questions or comments about something I’ve written on this site, please email or call me at (310) 475-1759. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

I’ll be happy to answer your questions, listen to your comments and concerns, and help you decide if making that first appointment will be the right move for you.

Unsure about starting counseling, returning to therapy? Just give me a call at 310 475-1759. Let’s talk – then you decide!

And – for phone or in-person consultation/coaching services:  If you are a parent or educator searching for more effective strategies for communication between home and school, look here to learn more about my services or contact me now.

Please visit the links below for more information. And take a look here for a more comprehensive listing of how I can help.

I do try to answer calls personally, but if I’m not available, feel free to leave a voice mail message at any hour, and I’ll return your call as soon as I can.  310 475-1759

I look forward to talking with you soon.


Please take a look at these pages to learn a bit more about what I do:

Communication: Learn strategies for avoiding the wars – with families, friends, and on the job!

Parent/School Interactions: Working together for children – consultation and collaboration.

Teens in School: Skills for those difficult years.

Young Adults: High school is over. Now what?

Men’s Issues: When you just need a little more support!

The Challenges of Change: Life sometimes changes too fast – help with keeping up.

Going Home Again: Coping with your family, now that you’re an adult!

Grief and Loss: What to do when those feelings are overwhelming?

I also offer Relationship Help for One – a chance to improve important relationships on your own.

In addition, I support learning disabled adults and their families as they cope with concerns about independence and employment.