FOR MORE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: A tip to help you avoid the explosion!


When you’re feeling the tension build and you just know this isn’t going anywhere good, consider this……

Acknowledging the other person’s position (even if you disagree) results in calmer discussion.



FOR MORE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: A tip to help you avoid the explosion! — 2 Comments

  1. Well…… sounds as though you’ve had some experience with those folks who seem to talk without punctuation! No commas, periods, pauses to breathe – or to give someone else a chance to weigh in.

    Do we know the same people? Sounds quite familiar to me – and is extremely frustrating and tiring, when all you’re trying to do is get your point across.

    Definitely more of a challenge than the ordinary conversation. But then again, we probably wouldn’t need a different communication strategy, if we weren’t faced with a challenging situation such as this.

    So – here’s what I try to do (when I’m not too annoyed!): stay calm, make quiet comments (Wow! Really? I see your point. I can imagine. etc.). One comment at a time. Then just listen. Until your companion runs out of steam. Then say something like, “I see your point. Would you be willing to listen to mine?” The response is likely to be a “yes.” However, your time to talk will be shorter, so you may need to keep repeating the process. But – it really does work for me, when I’m feeling patient enough to try it out.

    Not a perfect (or consistent) solution. But I figure that when I flop at this strategy, that error just helps me to refine and enhance my approach. You might want to take a test run with this, next time one of those folks pop up in your world. Then let me know if it works – or if it doesn’t!